A twenty-one day journey to better eczema. We begin January 21.

Eczema at School + Daycare

Be your child’s eczema advocate!

Eczema can be very challenging! As we know, there are many factors which can contribute to the frequency and severity of eczema flareups. It only takes one day, one event, one moment for eczema prone, sensitive skin to become inflamed and irritated. Don’t be afraid to be your children’s voice when it comes to their eczema. Explaining to teachers and early childhood educators what the condition is and how they can help can truly make a world of difference. It takes a village and we are all in this together!
Take the time to download our free printable Hello. My child has eczema which can be either printed or sent via email to your child’s teacher or daycare to help better manage their condition during the day through awareness, education and prevention.

Moisturize and Protect the Skin

In the morning, take a little extra time to be sure the skin is well moisturized. Our skincare creates a natural barrier between your child’s skin and it’s environment. Many schools and daycares use disinfectant sprays on carpets and surfaces to help keep the germs at bay. These chemicals can be very irritating to sensitive, eczema prone skin. You can help reduce direct contact by keeping the skin well moisturized and protected and by dressing your child each day in breathable, cotton clothing.

Hurray for nut-free!

Most schools and daycares are peanut and tree nut free environments. Barrera Nut Free is perfect to apply before class and is safe for any children with allergies to peanuts or tree nuts. Our Nut Free Three Ingredient Balms are a safe choice to send in to school with your kiddos, as it can be easily applied throughout the day and is peanut, tree nut, gluten and dairy free.