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Our Kind Eczema Routine

Eczema can be so challenging! It can however be successfully managed by following a kind eczema routine, being consistent and being patient.


Cleanse skin simply with warm water (no soap) and apply Organic Barrera or Barrera Nut Free to damp skin, taking the time to massage our skincare into the skin, especially rough areas. Always dress in 100% cotton clothing or sleepwear. Remember even a 5% synthetic ingredient in clothing can negate it’s breathability!


Reapply our skincare morning and night and as often as possible. Keeping the skin moisturized is so important. Carrying a jar along with you is good practice. Our skincare is also perfectly safe for your little’s to apply themselves.


Avoid fragrances in the home including perfumes, scented candles, plug in scents, disinfectant and fabric sprays.


Make simple laundry choices by using a fragrance free, natural laundry soap and avoiding fabric softeners, dryer sheets and stain removers. The chemical compounds within these products can trigger eczema flareups or make eczema symptoms worse. Switch to safe laundry choices for the whole family to ensure your washing machine is fragrance and chemical free. If available, use the extra rinse option for every load.


Run a cool mist humidifier during colder, dryer months, especially in bedrooms during the night. Bed sheets, crib sheets, pillows and blankets should be 100% cotton for adequate airflow and a better night’s sleep. 


Certain foods can contribute to eczema symptoms. Try keeping a food log to better understand any possible diet related triggers. Eat fresh, beautiful colourful foods and drink plenty of clean, fresh water.