A twenty-one day journey to better eczema. We begin January 21.

Managing Eczema at Bedtime

One of the most challenging times for parents managing babies and children with eczema is at bedtime. With the body still, the feeling to itch and scratch can be difficult to control causing lack of sleep as well as broken skin which can lead to infection.

We have created a simple and kind bedtime routine to help manage eczema and it’s symptoms:


Dress crib / bed with breathable cotton sheets, pillow cases and blankets to allow adequate airflow.

Run a cool mist humidifier 1 hour before bedtime and 3-4 hours throughout the night to moisten the air.

Wash baby with warm water (no soap!) and immediately apply Organic Barrera or Barrera Nut Free to damp skin.

Dress baby / child in 100% cotton pyjamas ensuring they are not too tight. 
Cover hands with cotton scratch mittens if needed during flareups.


Take time to massage your little as well! Our products do not sting or irritate the skin and help to calm the itch. This can be a relaxing experience for both child and parent before sleep. If you have any questions along the way, please do not hesitate to connect at customercare@organicbarrera.com.