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Bathing Skin with Eczema

Limit Soap or Cleanse with Simply Warm Water

Soap contains astringents that can strip away the natural moisture barrier of the skin. Babies and young children can often be cleansed just as effectively with simply warm water, especially when they are bathed often. If you choose to use soap, try to use it sparingly.

When choosing soap, be sure to find a gentle, natural soap that is fragrance free and does not list Fragrance, Scent or Perfume within it’s ingredient list. The less the ingredients, the better!


Never Let Baby Sit in Soapy Water

After washing hair, rinse the tub or shower well and refill with fresh, warm water for playtime.


Don’t Scrub!

Sensitive and eczema prone skin reacts to rough surfaces. When using a washcloth, be sure to use a soft, 100% cotton brand and be very gentle, especially in areas prone to eczema or irritation.


Give Skin an Extra Rinse, or two or three!

It is always good practice to give the skin an extra rinse (or two or three) with fresh, warm water to ensure any irritants like soap or shampoo have not been left behind.


Always Moisturize to Damp Skin

Directly after bath, seal in that beautiful moisture! Apply Organic Barrera or Barrera Nut Free liberally to damp skin, taking the time to message and soften any rough patches. Always dress in 100% cotton clothing and sleepwear and reapply morning and night and as often as possible.