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Barrera Nut Free

Barrera Nut Free, Family 114g

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Barrera Nut Free, Family 114g
Barrera Nut Free, Family 114g

What it is …  Barrera Nut Free is a handmade natural skin emollient with a soft texture that is easy to apply. It is fragrance free and sting free and suitable for babies, children and adults with eczema prone sensitive skin.

What it does …  Barrera Nut Free helps to heal and prevent common irritations by keeping the skin moisturized, soothed and protected from the environment. Our skincare does not contain water or the drying effects of alcohol. Just three nourishing, natural ingredients.

What are the three ingredients? … Cold-pressed Grapeseed Oil, Canadian Beeswax, Organic Cocoa Butter (yes! that's it!)

Most importantly, what’s not in it ... Parabens, alcohol, chemicals, preservatives, water, petroleum by products, steroids or fragrances. 

Kind uses for everybody!

One glass jar can replace many of the commercial skincare products your family uses everyday which means less plastic cosmetic packaging in our landfills and oceans.


For families managing eczema, following Our Kind Eczema Routine can be a very useful tool.

Barrera Nut Free is always carefully handmade in Canada with simply three tree nut, peanut, gluten and dairy free ingredients. Tested on humans, not on animals.

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