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Cotton Love

Cotton Love
An ounce of prevention is worth a pound in cure. That is our favourite saying around here! Eczema is challenging but one of our first suggestions when it comes to eczema management and sensitive skin is to always put your littles in quality, 100% cotton. Did you know that even a 5% synthetic ingredient in clothing negates it’s breathability? So even if it says 95% cotton it may still cause skin irritation.
Here are a few wonderful reasons why we love cotton so much!
  1. Cotton is a natural, 100% organic fabric.
  2. Soft to the touch and does not scratch or irritate the skin.
  3. Cotton fabrics permit better aeration and will keep your baby cool.
  4. Absorbs and removes body’s moisture easily.
  5. Non allergenic.
  6. Easy maintenance! 100% cotton can be tumble dried or hung up to dry. Cotton clothes release dirt and grime easily, so there is no need to use harsh soaps and chemicals to get rid of stains and dirt. A mild, unscented detergent (or simply vinegar) and some warm water will be sufficient for washing. When needed, cotton can be washed in hot water. The fabric can endure high temperatures without affecting its quality or durability. Therefore, cotton fabrics can be sterilized making it perfect for your newborn.
  7. Synthetic products are often treated with plenty of chemicals to give them a good finish. Quality 100% cotton clothes are not treated with harmful finishing agents.
  8. Organic cotton is made using natural fertilizers and no chemical fertilizers or pesticides.
  9. 100% cotton is completely biodegradable.


Always take a little extra time to not only read your skincare labels but your little's clothing labels too. It truly does assist in keeping your babe comfortable both during the day and during the night.

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