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Cottaging with the Kiddos

Cottaging with the Kiddos

Having the opportunity to get away is always nice! My parents have owned a small cottage in Muskoka, Ontario since I was seven years old. Although I would definitely consider myself more of a “city cat,” I think it is great practice for both Dani and Vinnie to see their nervous, anxious mom get a little out of her comfort zone and squash a few spiders and spend some quality time with Grandma and Grandpa.


When Vinnie was an infant, his eczema was so challenging. This made it very difficult for me to feel comfortable taking him to places where I felt his skin would worsen or our routine would become compromised. I would often decline or make excuses. It has taken me many years to be open and honest about Vinnie’s eczema. Explaining his condition to friends and family opens doors to help, understanding and support, which we all need sometimes!


There are a few things I like to bring along with me when traveling, even if it is just for a few nights at the cottage to help Vinnie's eczema and avoid a sudden flareup. You may find a few of these helpful too the next time you spend some time away.


Bedding to go.

Eczema prone skin can be easily irritated by change. Even sheets and pillow cases washed in scented laundry soap can cause an eczema flareup. I try to bring our own bedding for where Vinnie will sleep. This will not only help your babe from itching and scratching, it will also help your hosts by minimizing their laundry.


Bring your kind eczema routine with you.

I try to think about what I use on Vinnie's skin on the daily. Fragrance free soaps (even hand soaps) shampoos, baby wipes, Vin's cream and sunscreen and I bring them all with me. I try to keep the same routine as I do at home, applying Barrera after bath (or swimming) and again morning and night. I find just a few days out of routine can really affect his skin.


Protect skin before and after swimming.

Swimming in both pools and lakes can have drying effects on the skin. I have gotten into a good habit of applying Vin's cream both before and after he has a swim or plays in the lake. I find it really helps keep his skin moisturized and protected.


Stay dry.

A wet bathing suit can rub and chafe the skin and cause irritation and a wet environment can cause inflammation or "swimmers rash". I always pack lots of extra clothes and an extra swimsuit or two to ensure Vinnie has dry clothes to change into when he is done playing in the water. 


Side note ... Who loves mosquitos? I don’t! Organic Barrera and Barrera Nut Free work great at soothing bug bites and calming the itch. 


Happy cottaging! Any tips to share? We would love to hear from you, too!

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