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You are exactly what your children need

Organic Barrera You are exactly what your children need


Becoming a mother opened my eyes to how frequently I would make comparisons between myself and other moms. I would think, “Wow. She is so organized!” and “I wish I could make everything look that easy.” I often felt like I wasn’t meeting the expectations I placed on myself, especially regarding Vinnie’s eczema. Our dermatologist, Dr. Panzini, was such a beautiful, positive spirit, often when I certainly needed it. In her office, during one of the harder visits, when I was feeling vulnerable and hopeless, she took my hand and said, “You are doing your best. You are exactly what he needs.” These words resonated deep within me. These words helped me to modify my perspective, giving me hope, boosting my confidence as a parent. I am so grateful for her kind words that morning.


In case you need to hear it, too. You are doing your best. Without any doubt, you are exactly what your children need.

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