A twenty-one day journey to better eczema. We begin January 21.


The benefits of gratitude

Research shows that gratitude can improve general well-being and happiness; it encourages resiliency, strengthens relationships with those you love, and reduces daily stress. Grateful people also feel more positive emotions and, yes, have improved health.

When Vinnie was small, and his eczema seemed impossible, I felt like a failure. I focused on the things I was doing wrong, the efforts that didn’t seem to be working. I genuinely believe my negative outlook and focus, led to additional eczema struggles. Along our journey, I began celebrating the small improvements and noticed not only a change in my happiness but also improvements in Vinnie’s skin.

Celebrating the smaller things

It is typical for us to be grateful for the standout, bold, beautiful moments in our lives; however, there are little miracles that happen each day. These moments are often overlooked or disregarded, like our children gaining a new independence or someone lending a hand just when you needed it. Notice those moments and feel the gratitude deep inside, if it helps you, write these moments down to remember how these small sparks of happiness made you feel. Regarding managing eczema, perhaps you have noticed a slight improvement from yesterday’s symptoms, less scratching, or a better night’s sleep. Maybe, you have gained some clarity regarding a possible eczema trigger. Whatever it is, always celebrate the small improvements and gleefully share them with someone you love.

Find gratitude in the difficult days

Finding gratitude in the good, calm days can be much more comfortable than the challenging ones. Each mountain to climb gives us more strength, more courage, and, most importantly, more knowledge. Finding gratitude in hard moments can provide us with the insight we need to overcome them. Without Vinnie’s eczema, I wouldn’t have taken the time to learn about the chemicals we were using in our home, bringing my family to a much more safe, mindful way of living. I am thankful for this journey.

Simple ways to practice gratitude every day

Consider writing a gratitude journal: Nothing fancy, just a place to write down a few people or experiences you are grateful for each day. Science shows that this practice rewires the brain to notice good things as they happen more often.

Try meditation: A few mindful breaths can help reduce stress and anxiety in the body and place you in the present moment.

Tell someone how much they mean to you: Whether it be a phone call, letter, or even a simple text message, filling up someone else’s cup, in turn, fills up yours.

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