A twenty-one day journey to better eczema. We begin January 21.


The benefits of being an eczema family

My family is an eczema family like 20% of Canadian families out there. We have been managing eczema for over eight years which means we do many things in our home quite differently than others. I used to see these differences as limitations or sacrifices, but after so many years, I truly see their benefits to the health and well-being of all of us.


I used the be the queen of scented everything. I had plug in scents in every room and I always burned a candle or five when company came over. I wore a variety of perfumes and loved fresh smelling laundry. The past five years, our home has been completely fragrance free. I have learned that the word “fragrance” on products can actually mask thousands of harsh chemicals that we breath into our lungs. Justin learned that he is actually sensitive to fragrances and doesn’t encounter headaches and sinus pain from them anymore. The obvious benefit is Vinnie’s skin. Commercial fragrance is his number one eczema trigger. We may not be able to control the fragrances out in the world, but we can control what we use at home. If I have company coming over, I just simmer a few cinnamon sticks on the stove. Smalls so nice and is good for everybody in the family, and guests too.



Kind eczema management requires both awareness and commitment. Awareness of the possible triggers to help prevent the eczema and commitment to methods and skincare choices that helps to both prevent and treat the skin. When I was doing everything wrong, I used to constantly switch skincare in hopes of seeing results or improvements. Our family spent thousands of dollars trying to figure it all out, using very expensive (and damaging) hydrocortisone creams and topical steroids. Trying products for a few days then trying something different. This is not only bad for your family’s finances, it is also super wasteful. Once you find a kind and simple way to treat eczema flareups, stick to it and be consistent. Skin loves consistency! We all use our skincare in many ways throughout the day which means simplified, safe skincare for all of us. Bonus!


On a more spiritual note. Irrational decisions feel chaotic, feel overwhelming. That’s how I felt for years. Like I was taking one step forward, then two steps back again. A mindful approach to eczema may be slower, may take a little bit more time for your hard work and efforts to show but it just feels better and works for the long term. I promise you. Following a kind eczema routine will be beneficial to your littles and everyone you love. It will change the way you feel about eczema. Be grateful for the small improvements each day and you will see how the small improvements become big ones.

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