A twenty-one day journey to better eczema. We begin January 21.


Big Five Eczema No's

When we are trying to figure something out, whether it be for our own health or the health of our children, we are often looking for things to do to treat the problem once the problem has surfaced. Families managing eczema are often faced with this same issue. When Vinnie was a baby, I was referred to a dermatologist from our family physician once the eczema began. I struggled for years trying to treat the problem, not realizing that some of my daily practices were contributing to his flareups. 



Below you will find my Big Five Eczema No’s to follow everyday. Being mindful of these triggers can truly make a world of difference when managing eczema. 


No fragrances, ever.


Chemically derived fragrances are found everywhere. In our skincare, in our haircare, in our cleaning products. Everywhere. If it smells good, stop using it. Read your labels to ensure fragrance or perfume is not a listed ingredient. 


No fabric softeners or dryer sheets


Fabric softeners and dryer sheets coat clothing with a chemical coating that may make clothes feel softer but can irritate sensitive skin and cause eczema to worsen or possibly trigger a flareup. Instead, try an unscented wool dryer ball to help prevent static cling.


No synthetic clothing


100% simple cotton clothing is best for both daytime and bedtime. Fleece, polyester and spandex does not allow adequate airflow to the skin. Even a 5% synthetic ingredient in fabric can negate it’s breathability.


No bubble baths


Avoiding soap on eczema prone areas is good practice. I even recommend cleansing skin with simply warm water. Never let sit in soapy bath water and rinse the skin very well before moisturizing.


No frequent skincare changes


The skin loves consistency! Using the same simple skincare product often throughout the day is best.


Wishing you love, kindness and success along your eczema journey. If you have any questions, I am always more than happy to answer them. Even if I have to do a little research myself or reach out to some knowledgeable friends and holistic health practitioners for answers. It takes a village.

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