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A kind review: laundry detergent eco-strips

I am sure many of you have seen these little @truearthmovement laundry strips advertised lately. As I researched more about them, they met my “laundry list” of laundry soap requirements, paraben-free, free from dyes, free from bleach, dioxane free, biodegradable, hypoallergenic, fragrance-free and not tested on animals. The most appealing part is the packaging! No more plastic laundry containers in our landfills and oceans. I just had to try them and share with you my completely unbiased, unsponsored thoughts.


I ordered them initially at the height of the pandemic. I ordered the smallest quantity to test. The package did take over a month to arrive via Canada Post, but deliveries were significantly longer during this time, so I gave some patience and leniency.


The strips are mess-free and very easy to use. I use a full strip for larger loads and half a strip for smaller ones.


I know you are probably wondering, do they clean well? I say … yes! I did a little test of whites without bleach or stain removing to see how they would stack up to our previous laundry soap. Generally, they did an adequate job removing dirt from the bottom of white socks. I was pleasantly surprised! To be honest with you, Vinnie’s healthy skin out-ways fresh smelling laundry and perfectly clean clothes, so your clean laundry opinions my differ a little from mine.


And most importantly, did they irritate Vinnie’s eczema? No! Hurray! After using them for every load over the past several months, Vinnie has not experienced an eczema flareup or any skin irritation. They do offer a few varieties, so if you are an eczema family, be sure to select the fragrance-free option.


I am grateful to have found a laundry product I can recommend to my eczema families with confidence. You can order Tru Earth Eco-strips online or within a few select retailers in Canada.

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