A twenty-one day journey to better eczema. We begin January 21.


A kind eczema routine

Years ago, I would have never connected the words eczema and kind together. Eczema was my nemesis. Eczema took me over and consumed me. I didn’t know what I was doing on most days. I wanted immediate solutions, I didn’t want my Vinnie to suffer anymore.


When Vinnie was a baby, his eczema routine was the opposite of kind. It was actually more of a "mean eczema routine" although I didn’t really understand that during those years. I would first start with mineral oil in his bath water, use a scented “for eczema” baby soap to cleanse his skin and afterwards apply a topical steroid on his body and a hydrocortisone cream for his face then completely coat him in a petroleum based product. My gut would often say … “Stace. This is too much!” or “This isn’t working, it can’t be right” but the routine came from Vinnie’s doctors and of course my personal medical consultant at that time Doctor Google so it must be the best solution. Well … I know now that I should have trusted my gut.


My eczema routine came over time, out of necessity and from love. It was more of an elimination process than anything. It look about two weeks but when Vinnie’s eczema was almost completely healed and Justin said “I can’t believe this is working” I knew I had found a solution for the long term that was right for our family. Over the past five years, his routine has remained the very same.


Bath time + Clothing

Cleanse skin simply with warm water (no soap) and apply Organic Barrera or Barrera Nut Free (or any skincare brand that works well for your family) to damp skin, taking the time to massage our skincare into the skin, especially rough areas. Always dress in 100% cotton clothing or sleepwear. Remember even a 5% synthetic ingredient in clothing can negate it’s breathability!


Applying Skincare

Reapply skincare morning and night and as often as possible. Keeping the skin moisturized is so important. Carrying a jar along with you is good practice. Our skincare is also perfectly safe for your little’s to apply themselves.


No Fragrances

Avoid fragrances in the home including perfumes, scented candles, plug in scents, disinfectant and fabric sprays.


Laundry + Cleaning

Make simple laundry choices by using a fragrance free, natural laundry soap and avoiding fabric softeners, dryer sheets and stain removers. The chemical compounds within these products can trigger eczema flareups or make eczema symptoms worse. Switch to safe laundry choices for the whole family to ensure your washing machine is fragrance and chemical free. If available, use the extra rinse option for every load. Choose simple, natural cleaning methods for the home to limit chemical irritants. Melissa Maker at Clean My Space has some easy, effective recipes and methods.


At bedtime

Run a cool mist humidifier during colder, dryer months, especially in bedrooms during the night. Bed sheets, crib sheets, pillows and blankets should be 100% cotton for adequate airflow and a better night’s sleep. 


Diet + Nutrition

Certain foods can contribute to eczema symptoms. Try keeping a food log to better understand any possible diet related triggers. Eat fresh, beautiful colourful foods and drink plenty of clean, fresh water. For nursing moms, consider keeping a food log for daily diet.


Remembering that every family’s eczema journey can look a little different is also something to consider. Be kind to yourself and be grateful for any improvement, whether big or small and always be proud of your daily efforts, too.

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