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day four: how we do laundry

Stacey Baker

Our clothing protects us from our environment, keeps us warm and comfortable. What we wash our clothes in is just as important as the fabrics and quality we choose and can make a world of difference to those managing eczema and sensitive skin. Today, I encourage you to take a few mindful steps in changing the way you wash your family's clothes.

Choose a simple, fragrance-free laundry soap and use it for every load, even those in your family who do not have eczema-prone, sensitive skin. Use a little less product than recommended and select the "extra-rinse" option on your washing machine if available.

Avoid stain removers and sprays.

Avoid in-wash fabric softeners and dryer sheets. Both use chemical compounds to coat clothing with anti-static residue. This residue can be very irritating to sensitive skin. To lend a helping hand with static cling, try a natural wool dryer ball.

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